I was born on 17th January in 1989 in Cesky Brod, during my childhood I moved to the nearby town of Pecky and in the period  from 2004 to 2008 I completed my studies at the Kolin Business Academy. This was when I fully discovered my passion for music. My practical experience took place in Ameba production which organizes the famous Rock for People festival in whose surroundings I grew up. At the same time, I started working for the no. 1 Czech guitar player Radim Hladik and his band Blue Effect as an administrator and graphic designer for social networking, later I worked for Red Baron Band in the same field. While studying at high school, I met my favourite Scottish rock band Nazareth, which resulted in setting up their Czech website. After my final exams at the Business Academy, I started my English studies at Tutor, a Prague language school. I successfully completed my studies in 2009 with FCE. At the same time I became a member of the editorial team of the music website where I later became the executive editor.

The same year I started working in the production of the biggest rock event of the year – The Wall 2009, mega show  that took place in the sold-out O2 arena in Prague. This project of my friend, bassist Filip Benesovsky, was an honorable celebration of the anniversary of the release of the eponymous Pink Floyd’s masterpiece and also great experience. At the end of that year I moved to Prague. In March 2010, I organized the first Harry Waters Quartet gig in Central Europe at the prestigious international festival Jazzinec.  A cooperation with a Czech folk singer Vit Sazavsky on promoting his Sazavsky concert followed shortly. A few months later, I started working as a band manager for Taliesyn, a Prague-based band producing original world music with jazz-rock rhythms. Besides other gigs, this one-year lasting cooperation included playing abroad as headliners of Vienna´s greatest multicultural festival of arts called Montmartre. Next spring was in the sign of jazz – I organized a special project called Harry Waters & Friends which included two sold-out performances in Prague where Harry was accompanied by top Czech jazz musicians. Shortly afterwards, I spent another year working on the next Sazavsky concert, where the audience could see legendary bands such as Spiritual Quintet, Neřež and Ondřej Havelka and his Melody Makers. In the autumn of the same year, I participated in the realization of Filip Benesovsky concert Dark Side of the Moon in Opava. The following spring of 2012, I again worked in the production and management of this spectacular multimedia show that took place in March at the Ice Stadium in Bílina involving Michal Malatny as an exclusive guest, which was yet another great and exciting experience in the biggest indoor performance of this Benesovsky’s Dark Side of the Moon interpretation.

Another Sazavsky concert,  a jubilee one this time, hosted the popular songwriter Tomas Klus, Hana and Petr Ulrych duo and Neřež with the first Slovak Superstar Katka Koscova. Shortly after that I was on the road again with Harry Waters and his London-based quartet including Ian Ritchie on saxophone, Yaron Stavi on double bass and Jon Scott on drums to play as one of the headliners of South Bohemia Jazz Fest in Ceske Budejovice.A couple of weeks later I joined Benesovsky’s production team again to take a part in debut outdoor performance of project called The Best of Pink Floyd in Melnik. At the very same time, I finished preparing the November tour for the Harry Waters & Friends project, during which the band performed at several locations in the Czech Republic and also debuted in the Slovak Republic. 

During spring 2013 I worked again on Sazavsky concert with star line-up such as Vaclav Neckar, AG FLek and Wabi Danek. In May Czech film studio Bio Illusion finished the documentary about Nazareth where I also took a part in and which is now in the cinemas in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In August 2013 I organized Prague's premiere concert of Harry Waters Quartet. This successful performance was held at famous venue Malostranska beseda and also attended by the part of The Wall Live band including Pink Floyd founding member Roger Waters.

I closed the year of 2013 by cooperation with Czech swing singer Jan Smigmator at his gala where legendary Dutch trumpet player Ack van Rooyen.

For May 2014 I prepared a premiere tour for the band Ian Ritchie's SOHO Project in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Ian Ritchie is brilliant saxophone player, composer and producer. Also well known as a Roger Waters' saxophonist from Dark Side of the Moon tour and producer of his album Radio K.A.O.S. The band consists of Ian Ritchie on tenor saxophone, Tomas Jochmann on piano, Milos Klapste on double bass and Oli Lipensky on drums. After this successful tour the band was invited to play as headliners at Mezinarodni JAZZova Setkani festival in Trebon as well as to play alongside Dave Douglas and Richard Bona at Jihocesky Jazzovy Festival in Ceske Budejovice.

Next year, in spring 2015 I prepared another tour for Ian Ritchie's SOHO Project including gigs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Just a few weeks later I went with Harry Waters to VAM United Records in Germany where was Harry invited as a special guest for an upcoming album of Toni Day with producer Razvan Caraiman. Another year of Sazavsky koncert hosted artist such as Karel Plihal or Dan Barta with string quartet. In October I had a priviledge of organising Prague's concert of world famous Israeli saxophonist and philosopher Gilad Atzmon who was accompanied by Tomas Jochmann, Jan Feco and Dusan Cernak.